decadentempire asked: What's the sample in Echo Echo right before you come in for the second time? I've been trying to find it all day.

You won’t be able to find it. The producer (Caleb Stone) took the vocal of an acoustic demo song his friend but never put out.

Cashius Green - Juices (prod by J Money)… Best Money Makin Muhammad Ali…coming soon.

apexalexx asked: Any advice to college kids who dont know what they wanna major in yet?

Kill your general ED and don’t worry about your major til 3rd year. Fuck practicality take courses that you’re passionate about. Study things you have the desire to learn. Dive into subjects and skills that will benefit you in life outside of college. Find what you love to do, learn as much as you can about that and take over the world

iamcrooks asked: Shawn Micheals vs. Chris Jericho vs. Cactus Jack vs Eddie Guerrero in an elimination hell in a cell match. Who wins ?

Latino heat…he would lie,cheat and steal to get the win…but he’d probably take a super kick or 2 and possibly encounter some of Cactus Jack’s thumbtacks. 

icecoldkist asked: if you had to retire to a place outside of california, where would you go?

Mexico. Baja…Ensanada. The dream is to have a little house on the beach. A master room…a guest room for friends visiting and an art space where I can work on music, photos or whatever else I fucking please. I just want to get high and lay in the sun most days. Cold beers and fish tacos. I’m a simple man.

faggotbitchassnigga asked: Do a concert in Houston bruh, make dreams come true man

Soon mayne. Maybe Warehouse live? I love H town.

ericlovessports asked: What was your favorite 90's nickelodeon cartoon?

Ren & Stimpy..changed the game for adult style animation…plus they were in a gay/abusive relationship. Thought that was kind of wild haha

blendactive69 asked: how is gnarly davidson doing? hope well, you deserve it

It’s doing horrible…I sold 3 copies and now live in a van down by the river.

popular-outcast asked: I'm shopping for vinyls online, what's one album you think everyone should own?

Beach Boys pet sounds…my bloody valentine loveless… Doom/madlib madvillainy…Juvenile 400 degreez & T-Rex Electric Warrior…theres a shit ton of others..but those are always clutch

Dream Panther - Chutes and the Ladderr…

Dream Panther is a singer/producer/instrumentalist/cousin of everyone’s favorite rap crooner ILOVEMAKONNEN…Though he is kin to the now signed OVO artist, Dream Panther has been a staple in the l.a music scene for some time carving out his own place with his lush dream pop sound. Simply put, you should be listening to this guy.